Dog Yeast Infection, How to Get Rid of It at Home

Dog Yeast Infection

The majority of passionate pet owners know how our pets mean the world to us. We treat them like our very own children. We feed them, bath them, dress them up, massage them, take silly pictures of them, and even create their Instagram accounts for them. But when they get sick, all this the fun is out the window not just for them for us too. There is nothing like keeping out pets happy and healthy.

Having said that, many conditions affect our pets that can be remedied at home. However, this should never be the first option, and taking them to a vet should always be a priority. Besides the array of other things to cause harm to it, one of the most common conditions to affect our canine companions is a yeast infection. The good news is because it is so common there are just as many treatments for it. A look at other similar conditions can be found here.

Yeast is commonly found on dogs’ skin, however, when it starts to multiply and overgrow, this is when the issue arises and needs to be treated as it can lead to an infection. So, what are your options? Let’s look at a few of these below.

Treatments for Yeast Infection in Dogs

Itchy skin with a foul odor is typically a sign of yeast infection. When he is irritated and keeps scratching this could make it worse. It is dermatitis of their skin caused by a fungus “Malassezia pachydermatis”. Usually found on the skin and ears, it could spread to other parts of the dog’s body.

Things such as immune deficiencies, allergies, and genetic predisposition call all cause this.

A Good Bath and Trim. Dogs need to get their fur trimmed regularly especially around the ears and face regions. They should also be bathed regularly using a specific medicated shampoo or soap for sensitive skin.

Use Coconut Oil. This is one of those miracle cures that are completely safe for canines. Because of its antibacterial properties it helps to fight yeast infections, when mixed into their diet and can also be applied directly onto their skin making sure you use gloves or a cotton swab to cover all affected areas.  One can even rub it into their skin twice a day for a period of a few days.

Olive Oil and Oregano Oil Mix. Even though the taste and smell may not be of liking to them, it will help fight the infection. Giving them, a few drops of the oil in their food or water will bring relief in a short time. Mix a teaspoon or each, olive oil, and oregano oil into a capsule and give it to them every day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar. Also, another miracle cure for various skin conditions and used to boost overall health of skin. Apple cider vinegar is highly regarded at fighting any skin conditions in both pets and humans. It is known for many health benefits that include killing harmful bacteria, managing diabetes, and lowering blood sugar levels, and aiding in animals heart health, to name a few. Adding it to their water and applying directly to the affected area will heal them, but make sure it is diluted with water first. It doesn’t matter if he or she does not enjoy the taste; you should give it to them in any case.

Giving them Bacteria. “Kefir” which is a microorganism bacterium is one of the healthiest things anyone can eat. It is good for the gut and skin. It is high in nutrients and probiotics and some even consider it healthier than yogurt. This fermented drink can also be given to your canines.

Made by adding kefir grains to milk, one can make it at home by themselves using either goat’s milk or cow’s milk. The grains act a culture that makes the result look like the yogurt-like consistency we see in health food stores. To treat any kind of yeast infection in your pooch, give them some kefir in a separate bowl at least once a day. this can be bought in any health and food store and even in pet stores.