How to Create a Sewing Machine from Scratch

Sewing machine on a table with a mannequin and a bookshelf

Do you have pants that are too long and baggy and want them to be fit you perfectly? Do you have an old outfit that you want to bring to life by making some tailoring additions to it? Worry not, as the life-changing invention of the sewing machine has got you all … Read more

How to sew elastic with a sewing machine?

How to sew elastic with a sewing machine

Knowing how to sew elastic with a sewing machine is an important technique that one must learn for garment construction. They are used in waistbands, cuffs, and even smocking. It all depends on the design of your article of clothing, but there is one thing for sure, learning how to sew elastic … Read more

What Are the Dangers of Sewing Machines?

White sewing machine with spools

Most sewers cannot do their job without a sewing machine. It is powerful equipment. Just imagine that you are sewing a Halloween costume for your kid or a king-sized quilt for your bed. It would take days to do by sewing it by hands. Using a sewing machine can minimize the time … Read more

When to Introduce A Sewing Machine to Kids

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Sewing is an attractive and fun hobby for any age. Children of different ages find it more attractive to sew things with the sewing machine. They tend to learn different types of sewing that help them to develop fashion skills. If your children are interested in stitching clothes and they learn different … Read more

Sewing Machine or Serger – What’s the Difference?

a serger by Singer

Sewing is an ageless and fun hobby enjoyed by many creative people. It is the craft of attaching or joining materials such as fabrics, using stitches made with a thread and needle. The skill of sewing is used for products in many fields, from apparel, sportswear, shoes, to bags and tableware. Sewing … Read more

Ideas for Maintaining Your Sewing Machine

the presser foot of a sewing machine

Do you feel guilty of neglecting the maintenance of your sewing machine or do not know the right way of cleaning and maintaining it? Don’t worry, in this article, we have shared some cleaning tips, proper methods, and how you can maintain it. The question of how often you should clean and … Read more

Tips for Picking Sewing Machine Patterns

Sewing equipment

When you have a decent sewing machine and a kit to go with it, the next logical step is to look for good sewing machine patterns to begin your projects. Visiting a fabric store might give you inspiration, but the variety there is usually so overwhelming that you may end up being confused and … Read more

Tips for Using Sewing Clips

Sewing Clips

If you like sewing, knitting, not just arts and crafts in general, you know the importance of getting something for clipping your fabrics. Sewing requires some preciseness; and if you’re working with a large swatch of cloth, it could really get in the way. With the right clips in your sewing kit, … Read more

Best Singer Sewing Machines

The Singer Company is an American manufacturer of domestic sewing machines that is based in La Vergne, Tennessee. In 1851, it was established as I.M. Singer & Co. by Isaac Merritt Singer. In 1865, it was renamed Singer Manufacturing Company. Then in 1963, its name was changed to The Singer Company. It … Read more