A Real Access-to-Justice Issue’: Why Lawyers Are Reluctant to Take on Medical Malpractice Suits

A Real Access-to-Justice Issue': Why Lawyers Are Reluctant to Take on Medical Malpractice Suits

Malpractice lawyers are reluctant to take on medical malpractice suits because a significant increase has occurred in successful suing against doctors. Patients who are suing medical professionals or doctors are successfully winning cases when suing for their medical mistakes.

However, suing any medical professional or doctor for their medical mistake is very costly. Therefore, malpractice lawyers mostly reluctant to take such cases with minimal medical error. If the patient is not seriously harmed, they will not take their ethically unjust claim.

Moreover, many malpractice lawyers do not even look at medical cases that are low in cost, like below $250,000. If you want to sue a doctor for his/her medical m istake, you need to get seriously injured or harmed by medical procedures he/she has provided to you. It sounds silly, but it is a fact, especially in countries like Canada.

Canadian Medical Protective Association: The Savior for Malpractice Doctors and Medical Professionals 

The CMPA or Canadian Medical Protective Association is an organization that offers legal defense to medical professionals and doctors. Similarly, these doctors and medical professionals are sued by any patient for the harm they have given to the patient during any medical treatment.

How CMP Creates Issues in Real Access-to-Justice 

In Canada, most health care professionals and doctors are associated with this organization. Therefore, this organization provides shelter to these doctors and medical professionals in malpractice cases.

Moreover, this organization has massive financial resources that permit them to base a highly aggressive and strong defense. This defense is so fierce that only a few patients might have the resources to compete with them. Thereby, it constrains patients to acquire justice for the malpractice of any medical professional or doctor.

On the other hand, malpractice lawyers also show hesitation regarding suing against doctors, especially when the case is small. It requires them to go against medical professionals in court. Furthermore, the malpractice lawyers also weigh how costly or risky the case would be for him/her to go against medical health care, or doctor belong to CMP in the court.

Drop-in Patient’s Win Rate 

For the last forty years, a significant decrease has been observed in the number of patients suing their health care professionals or doctors. However, the frequency of mistake or injuries by doctors during medical practices or procedures have been increased.

Furthermore, during this period, the success rate for malpractice cases has also declined because patients failed to win their claims against health care professionals or doctors. Moreover, these patients, too, have faced great difficulties in suing them for their malpractice. Therefore, a significant drop down in the win rate is observed in such cases for patients.

Most patients reported that suing a malpractice case against a doctor or health care professional is not demanding, but to win that case is problematic. The truth is, due to this condition, non-specialized malpractice lawyers hesitate to fight for such cases. Thereby, patients give up on suing case against malpractice doctors because they cannot find a suitable lawyer for their case.

What’s the Take of Malpractice Lawyers of CMPA on It?

On the other hand, the malpractice lawyers of CMPA prefer to take such cases where they are confident that they can defend the physician. Moreover, they refer to this strategy as the key to having a high rate of success.

Similarly, the organization does not support any unethical defense against patients. However, CMPA only guards the defensible.

The Law Advisory 

All these aspects have made it difficult for patients to access justice. It has become challenging for the patient to get a specialized lawyer at a reasonable price. On the other hand, lawyers have shown reluctance to take such cases to court because they cannot encounter the defense successfully.

Moreover, patients can’t fight for their rights and for lawyers to win for justice. Further, it also requires enough strength to stand in court against organizations supporting doctors or professional healthcare communities like CMPA. Consequently, skilled lawyers avoid going for such cases.

However, the law advisory has enough courage to stand for justice and take malpractice cases to court. No matter how strong the organizations are defending professional health care or doctors, this organization will always fight for justice.

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