Choosing a Commercial Embroider Machine

machine embroidering a tower mill

Embroidery¬†digitizing is a well-known art of embroidery on different fabrics with different stitches and threads using an embroidery machine. This type of art has given people a unique and elegant style, and they have been famous for several decades now. In fact, the commercial embroidery industry has been earning 47 billion dollars … Read more

Value of Vintage Japanese Sewing Machine Brands

a black and white photo of a person working a Janome sewing machine

Vintage Japanese sewing machine brands provide an exciting look at the transformation of the home sewing machine and a huge assortment of very interesting and functional machines for sewing enthusiasts and collectors. Sewing machines have been here since the early nineteenth century, and many of them are still in use today as … Read more

What Are Sewing Machine Presser Feet?

Sewing Machine

Presser feet in sewing machines perform the basic function of helping in straight stitching. Apart from that there are a number of different kinds of them that have several other functions to offer. Hence, the additional features of a presser foot can offer you a lot of conveniences, for instance, different options … Read more

How to Create a Sewing Machine from Scratch

Sewing machine on a table with a mannequin and a bookshelf

Do you have pants that are too long and baggy and want them to be fit you perfectly? Do you have an old outfit that you want to bring to life by making some tailoring additions to it? Worry not, as the life-changing invention of the sewing machine has got you all … Read more

Easy Sewing Ideas for Kids

A woman using a sewing machine

Sewing is a very useful skill that you can use throughout your life. It can be used to mend some rip in your pants, to sew the button on your shirt, or even to make a quilt for a baby. Also, you can learn easy sewing ideas for summers. Your kids can … Read more

Tips on Keeping Your Sewing Space Organized

Organized sewing space

Sewing can be a messy task to do because it includes trims, patterns, buttons, threads, etc. When you stitch, you cut the fabric, and sometimes it falls on the ground. Keeping your sewing space neat and tidy can be a tricky thing to do. It does not matter if you have a … Read more

What Are the Dangers of Sewing Machines?

White sewing machine with spools

Most sewers cannot do their job without a sewing machine. It is powerful equipment. Just imagine that you are sewing a Halloween costume for your kid or a king-sized quilt for your bed. It would take days to do by sewing it by hands. Using a sewing machine can minimize the time … Read more

When to Introduce A Sewing Machine to Kids

White sewing machine

Sewing can be enjoyable in many ways and also a great way to build skills, save money and more. ¬†Sewing is also an attractive and fun hobby for any age. Children of different ages find it more attractive to sew things with the sewing machine. They tend to learn different types of … Read more

History of the Bernina Sewing Machines

the first household sewing machine by Bernina

The company producing one of the most efficient sewing machines, Bernina, is a privately owned company that goes by the name of Bernina International AG. It has been very popular since the beginning when the company was founded in 1983 in Steckborn, Switzerland. If you have the tradition of sewing in your … Read more

Most Popular Stitches of Singer Sewing Machines

an illustration of different types of stitches

One of the best examples of machines taking off the workload from humans and making our lives easier is the sewing machine. Sewing machines make hundreds of different types of projects easier, and with a brand name, as established and recognized as Singer, you are bound to become a loyal customer as … Read more