Sewing Storage Systems

White sewing machine with a pink organizer

Learning to sew is no doubt an exciting experience but storing and organizing your sewing tools can become messy and complicated. Since you will be dealing with several sewing accessories that will vary in size, you will need to be careful about storing them in the right place where you can remember … Read more

Sewing Marking Material Guide

Tailor’s chalk and an inch tape

When it comes to pattern tracing or transferring markings to fabric, there are simply too many choices. The art of sewing is primarily dependent on precision. It is imperative to have the right tools with you such as water-soluble pens and ceramic lead pens etc. Different fabrics require different tools for marking. … Read more

Best Bernina Sewing Machines

Bernina 539 sewing machine

Bernina is an international company that manufactures sewing and embroidery machines. It was founded in Steckborn, Switzerland, in 1893, and through the years, it has excelled in the sewing world when it comes to manufacturing machines for domestic use. Bernina is one of the top sewing machine brands in the world that … Read more

Best Singer Computerized Machines

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

Singer Corporation is one of the leading American manufacturers of sewing machines and makessome of the most reliable, durable and versatile sewing machines for professional and homeuse. From simple stitching to embroidery, applique and crafts, Singer has managed to satisfy seamstresses and home décor businesses from around the world. However, what makes … Read more

The Best Commercial and Industrial Sewing and Embroidery Machines

Brother Embroidery Machine PE770 5  x 7  Embroidery Machine

If you have medium to large scale commercial sewing projects in the pipeline or you wish to start your own embroidery/sewing shop, one of the mandatory things to invest in is a good and effective commercial computerized machine. A thoughtfully designed industrial machine is meant to serve several purposes and make your … Read more

Best Commercial and Professional Computerized Sewing Machines

Janome 2030QDC B Computerised Quilting and sewing machine

Gone are the days when companies used to hire tons of people for sewing with a traditional sewing machine, which used to take hours of work and hassle. No doubt the workers used to create exquisite pieces and designs, but the productivity wasn’t what can be accomplished today with newer sewing technology. … Read more

A Complete Buying Guide for Sewing Machines

Who doesn’t love being creative in fashion and style? If you are into producing your own amazing cloth creations then you definitely need the needle power, but you won’t be able to do it with just your hands, right? For that purpose, there are many latest sewing machines out there that can … Read more

Best Sewing Machines for Windows Treatments

Best Sewing Machines for Windows Treatments

Window treatments add beauty to our home and they also help block the sun rays in our rooms as well as add privacy. However, sewing them can be a challenge. Fabrics used in making draperies are typically thick and heavy especially when you have big windows. This is why you need to … Read more

Types of Sewing Machine Threads

Types of Sewing Machine Threads

Thread holds the fabrics and everything together when you’re sewing. You may think that there is no difference in thread, but the best sewing machines actually depend on the quality of thread. If you’re having problems with the sewing machine, the first thing to check out and change is the machine needle. … Read more

Advantages of Having a Sewing Machine

advantages of having a sewing machine

Learning how to sew, or even how to use a sewing machine, is rarely a part of life goals or bucket lists nowadays. Fewer and fewer people are showing interest in sewing and mending garments. Because of the fast pace of fashion nowadays, clothing has now become more affordable and available, so … Read more

The Most Trusted Sewing Machine Brands

Branding has definitely played a significant role in influencing the behavior and habits of consumers. Usually, the more established a brand is, the more trustworthy it is believed to be to a lot of buyers. And this is no different with sewing machines. There are a few veteran sewing machine players that … Read more

The Colorful History of the Sewing Machine

the colorful history of the sewing machine

The sewing machine is one of the most important inventions we have ever known. It has come a long way from being a mere curiosity object to a necessity not just for every household. That necessity has also expanded to the clothing industry as well, that’s why manufacturing companies want the best … Read more