Learn the Different Types of Presser Feet for Sewing Machines

Black and white image of a sewing machine needle

The term presser foot may seem to refer to a foot pedal, given that you press the foot pedal with your foot. Well, it is the name of a different sewing machine part entirely.  So, where can you find the presser foot? The presser foot is located beneath the needle and above the throat … Read more

Sewing Kit Essentials for Beginners

Sewing material on a wooden table

Many enjoy sewing as a pastime. For others, it is a way to make clothes or repair other textile goods to lower household expenses. Whatever your motivation for starting to sew, you must have a fully-stocked sewing kit.  Where to begin with your sewing kit? Needles? Threads? There will be a whole … Read more

Matching Threads to Fabrics: Achieving Seamless Results

Photo of colorful thread rolls

Starting a sewing project can be confusing, frustrating, and stimulating, all at the same time. Thinking about the perfect fabric to use is one thing; matching a suitable thread is another thing. Choosing a sewing thread to work with may be a small detail, but it can significantly impact the outcome. Before … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Fabric Types

Assorted fabrics on a table

Understanding the types and uses of fabrics is complex, especially for those starting a garment business. You can get confused because of the wide variation of quality and design.  There are things to consider when choosing the ideal fabric for your garment. Whether you go for natural or synthetic material, it all … Read more

History of Singer Sewing Machines

Sewing machine old antique retro

Singer has been a household name for many generations of sewing machine brands since it was first associated with sewing in 1851. The first zigzag machine and the first electronic machines were inventions by SINGER, from clothing to quilting, embroidery, and home decor. It created numerous other apps, including sewing software for … Read more

History of Brother Sewing Machines

Sewing machine brother industrial

Brother Sewing Machines has been a Japanese brand recognized for delivering product innovation and consumer satisfaction for over 100 years. Based in Nagoya, Japan, Brother Industries, Ltd. manufactures electrical and electronic gadgets for markets worldwide. The most well-known machine is the Brother sewing machine, which has led the way in stitching innovation … Read more

Sewing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Person in gray shirt sewing photo

Sewing mistakes are more common when starting how to sew and embarking on a sewing journey. Most sewing mistakes happen along the journey of sewing, and these are things that you could fix most of the time. Learning how to fix them will take some trial and error and some research of … Read more

Sewing as a Type of Stress-Relief Therapy

A woman using a sewing machine

Many of us can feel overwhelmed by the constant pressures of the digital world. Endlessly scrolling through social media, responding to emails, and checking applications, can make it difficult to switch off. Multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, … Read more

Sewing Clips v. Pins – Which Are Better?


The art of sewing or mending fabrics together has been around for ages, alongside with sewing pins and needles. These materials have been an essential supply used by sewists and sewing enthusiasts. Sewing pins hold the fabric together at the seamline before sewing. They temporarily keep the material in place while cutting, … Read more

What are the Worst Injuries You Can Get from a Sewing Machine?


Sewing is the art of creating or making clothes and other things using a needle and a thread by a seamstress or a sewist, whose job involves sewing fabrics and clothing altogether. This involves needlework and stitching that puts cloth and materials together to produce anyone’s ideas into reality. This can be … Read more