Learn the Different Types of Presser Feet for Sewing Machines

Black and white image of a sewing machine needle

The term presser foot may seem to refer to a foot pedal, given that you press the foot pedal with your foot. Well, it is the name of a different sewing machine part entirely.  So, where can you find the presser foot? The presser foot is located beneath the needle and above the throat … Read more

Sewing Kit Essentials for Beginners

Sewing material on a wooden table

Many enjoy sewing as a pastime. For others, it is a way to make clothes or repair other textile goods to lower household expenses. Whatever your motivation for starting to sew, you must have a fully-stocked sewing kit.  Where to begin with your sewing kit? Needles? Threads? There will be a whole … Read more

Sewing Clips v. Pins – Which Are Better?


The art of sewing or mending fabrics together has been around for ages, alongside with sewing pins and needles. These materials have been an essential supply used by sewists and sewing enthusiasts. Sewing pins hold the fabric together at the seamline before sewing. They temporarily keep the material in place while cutting, … Read more

Keeping Fabric Together: Should You Use Clips or Pins?

macro of a needle cushion with pins

Every sewist has a stash of necessities, and pins are in every one of them. However, even a simple concept like pins will face competition, and today’s contenders are those bright, snappy clips. This article is for you if you’ve never heard of them before or have always wondered which is better … Read more

What Are Seam Rippers and Some Alternatives

Seam rippers, thread, and scissors

A seam ripper is a must-have tool for everyone who works with needles and thread. Unsewing is equally as vital as sewing in a great finished job. Seam rippers get used for removing stitches, open seams, cut strings, and open buttonholes.  What are Seam Rippers? A seam ripper is a little sewing … Read more

Sewing Patterns – Why Use Them?

Sewing Patterns - Why Use Them

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, sewing patterns are a great resource for anyone who loves to sew. They take the strain out of starting from scratch and there are plenty of excellent patterns that don’t cost a penny.  Let’s take a look at some of the basics when it comes … Read more

Tips for Using Fabric Markers and Chalk

Fabric chalks and measuring tapes

When you have a sewing project lined up, there are certain steps to be taken before you start your machine. You have to get the best kind of fabric, choose your fabric-cutting tools, and of course, trace the pattern before cutting it. This tracing of transferring marks is usually done through a … Read more

Tips for Picking Sewing Machine Patterns

Sewing equipment

When you have a decent sewing machine and a kit to go with it, the next logical step is to look for good sewing machine patterns to begin your projects. Visiting a fabric store might give you inspiration, but the variety there is usually so overwhelming that you may end up being confused … Read more

Tips for Using Sewing Clips

Sewing Clips

If you like sewing, knitting, not just arts and crafts in general, you know the importance of getting something for clipping your fabrics. Sewing requires some preciseness; and if you’re working with a large swatch of cloth, it could really get in the way. With the right clips in your sewing kit, … Read more

Tips for Using Stitch and Seam Rippers

Seam ripper and unpicked thread

When you’re a sewing enthusiast, ripping out seams is a fact of life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sewing as a hobby or making a small income from a home business. There are always times when some stitches just don’t seem right or the measurements are a little off. In these cases, … Read more