The Most Trusted Sewing Machine Brands

Branding has definitely played a significant role in influencing the behavior and habits of consumers. Usually, the more established a brand is, the more trustworthy it is believed to be to a lot of buyers.

And this is no different with sewing machines. There are a few veteran sewing machine players that have long established their name and reputation. At the same time though, these “old timers” have also marched to the pace of technology and followed consumer trends over the decades. As a result, they have come up with an updated array of sewing machines year in and year out.

So who makes the best sewing machines on the market? We roll out the best and the most trusted sewing machine brands:

singer-sewing-machine1. Singer

When it comes to sewing machines, Singer naturally comes to mind. It was established by Isaac M. Singer in 1851 as I. M. Singer & Co. It was one of the first companies to mass-produce sewing machines to great success.

Its foot pedal-run mechanical sewing machine is undoubtedly iconic. But over the centuries Singer has also updated their sewing machines using the latest technology to meet the demands of the consumers. Now Singer manufactures and sells electronic and computerized sewing machines in addition to their mechanical ones (they are still sold in other regions of the world) for both home and industrial use, as well as overstitching machines, embroidery machines, and many others.

janome-sewing-machines2. Janome

Janome is a globally-recognized Japanese sewing machine brand established in Tokyo in 1921. It offers the basic mechanical sewing machine as well as the more advanced ones such as electronic and computerized ones. It also offers other types of sewing machines that are specifically made for one purpose like embroidery and serging. Janome’s sewing machines are generally known for being easy to operate and affordable, that’s why many beginners like to start with its sewing machines.

juki-sewing-machines3. Juki

Juki is another Japan-based sewing machine brand established in Tokyo in 1938. At first, it used to make industrial sewing machines, but in recent years they also jumped into the domestic sewing machine market. Juki is particularly popular among hobbyists because of its ability to sew a wide range of fabrics, ease of use, and durability. Plus their sewing machines can also do quilting, embroidery, and overstitching work.

brother-sewing-machines4. Brother

Another world-class Japanese company again on this list is Brother, which was established in Nagoya in 1908. Although Brother is more known for its other electronic products — mainly printers — the company has also gained popularity for its sewing machines. It makes mechanical as well as electronic and computerized sewing machines which do the job exactly as they say it will do. They are generally user-friendly and affordable. Many of Brother’s sewing machines allow users a high level of customization, which means that they can add their own preferred stitching into their garments. No wonder — beginners and professionals alike love Brother!

bernina-sewing-machine5. Bernina

The Swiss are known for their craftsmanship, precision, and ingenuity, especially when it comes to many things mechanic. And it is no different with their sewing machines, and one name that stands out is a company named Bernina.

Bernina is a sewing machine company founded in 1893 in Steckborn, Switzerland. It offers sewing machines, sergers/overlocker machines, computerized machines, and even the long-arm quilting machines for bigger projects. Their current sewing machines — particularly the computerized ones — look so sleek and modern. Aside from sewing and quilting machines, Bernina also offers a proprietary embroidery software which allows the user to create embroidery designs as one wishes — talk about taking embroidery to a whole new level!

These brands unquestionably make the top rated sewing machines! You’d only have to look for more sewing machine reviews from consumers and experts which will help you to choose the different models that will fit to your own cloth-making needs!