Types of Sewing Machines

If you’re into dress or other clothing making, sewing machines are your main arsenal. If you’re into arts and crafts, you may probably own a sewing machine, or want to have one. There is a wide range of sewing machines available on the market today of many types, sizes, and models, not just the standard big ol’ sewing machine that you usually see.

To help you buy the best sewing machine, you should know what you really need in one. Do you want a sewing machine that does the basic stitching or a sewing machine that does complicated embroidery work? Or should you consider a computerized model that will do the job for you?

Here we list several — yes, several! — types of sewing machines that will fit your specifications, needs, and budget:

lockstitch-sewing-machine1. Lockstitch sewing machine

It is the most basic sewing machine that we use at home and sometimes in schools. This mechanical sewing machine is run by pedaling. The classic Singer sewing machine has never changed its basic treadle feature despite having undergone some changes in design (such as wider foldable tables).

hi-speed-lockstich-sewing-machine2. Hi-speed lockstitch sewing machine

It is like the basic sewing machine but as the name implies, it performs faster. It features an automatic lubrication which enables faster sewing. It is usually favored by dressmakers and tailors since they do a lot of sewing and stitching.

over-locker-or-over-edging-sewing-machine3. Over locker (or over edging) sewing machine

An over locker machine is smaller than the standard sewing machine. It does one particular thing: to “lock in” hems by overstitching to prevent the fabric from unraveling, making the hems looking finished, even, and neat. This type of sewing machine is great if you love making a lot of dresses or curtains, making it a great addition (not a replacement) to your standard sewing machine.

embroidery-machine-sewing-machine4. Embroidery machine

An embroidery machine is used for making commercial embroideries as well as company and school uniform logos. It can also be used at home if embroidery is your hobby.


5. Button holer machine

Button holer machines are used in making button holes in dresses, shirts, and other types of garments.


6. Button attachment machine

This machine is used for sewing buttons on garments.


7. Double needle machine

A double needle, two-needle, or twin needle sewing machine is ideal for making many kinds of clothing. Instead of the usual one sewing machine needle, it uses two needles attached to a single shank. It makes sewing more secure and definitely saves you time, and will also allow you to make decorative stitches. It can sew sturdier fabrics like denim, leather, and vinyl. Although there are industrial units, there are also units available for home use.

bartacking-machine-sewing-machine8. Bartacking machine

Bartacking machine is a machine that does the bartacking stitching. This method of sewing reinforces parts of a garment that are subject to frequent use e.g., a belt loop or an opening of a pocket. This is mainly used for industrial purposes.

computerized-sewing-machines9. Computerized sewing machines

These sophisticated sewing machines often come with LED and LCD displays as well as buttons and dials. Computerized sewing machines can do anything from basic sewing to making complex embroidery. Some units have a slot for removable memory disks or a USB port where you can save the patterns you’ve downloaded online or you’ve created on a computer. Insert the removable disk (or plug the USB disk) into the machine, program the machine to its predefined settings, and leave it to do the sewing work by itself.

There are also advanced computerized sewing machines that can memorize past sewing projects and even download patterns from the Internet. Check out the best singer computerized machines to see what is available on the market.

There you go, some of the different types of sewing machines. Some of them can do only one specific function, while a few of them can do more than one job. Don’t forget to read sewing machine reviews to ensure that you buy only the top rated sewing machines for your own use.