Threading a Singer ProFinish Serger

Singer serger machine

Before starting stitching, you first need to set up your sewing machine — winding the bobbin, threading, and more. It may appear challenging and intimidating on your first try. However, after multiple assignments, you will undoubtedly get the hang of it. Threading is one vital step before you start sewing with your … Read more

Keeping Fabric Together: Should You Use Clips or Pins?

macro of a needle cushion with pins

Every sewist has a stash of necessities, and pins are in every one of them. However, even a simple concept like pins will face competition, and today’s contenders are those bright, snappy clips. This article is for you if you’ve never heard of them before or have always wondered which is better … Read more

Sewing Machine Stitches Available and How to Use Them


It’s not odd to be drawn to a sewing machine with all the bells and whistles you can afford when shopping for one. The more complicated (or expensive) the sewing machine, the more stitch options it will have. Now that you have your stitches, it’s time to learn how to use them. … Read more

Can You Be Injured Using a Sewing Machine?

woman sitting on a chair while sewing

Sewing can be a valuable and rewarding hobby, but it also comes with risks. Most people don’t consider sewing a dangerous household task, but it can be if you’re using a sewing machine.  They may not be the most dangerous machines you’ll ever encounter, but it doesn’t mean that you should go … Read more

Guide to Buying Your First Sewing Machine

antique Singer sewing machine

Exciting yet intimidating – these are the two words that may best describe your feeling when thinking about getting your own sewing machine for the first time. It seems simple at first, but it isn’t easy to get started when there are so many different brands, models, features, and price ranges out … Read more

Sewing Thread – Original Materials and Those Used Today

different colored sewing threads and a needle

Sewing threads join different components in garments, air-supported fabric structures, upholstery, and geotextiles by forming a seam. A seam’s primary function is to transfer uniform stress from one piece of fabric to another, preserving the fabric assembly’s overall integrity. It is a critical item for industrial garment manufacturers, tailoring shops, and fashion … Read more

The Best Sewing Machine for Making Curtains

a woman sewing while sitting on a chair

If there is one market need that is underserved and that a sewing machine can beautifully meet, it is the selection of curtains and window decorations. Window treatment styles may have evolved, but drapes and curtains remain popular. Rather than settling for store-bought models, why not make your own? All you need … Read more

Which cricket teams to watch this spring

Which cricket teams to watch this spring

Such a game as cricket has long won the attention of residents of different countries, and today this sport is actively offered for betting. In modern times, many gamblers are looking for reliable betting companies that can offer profitable winning odds. Also, when choosing a betting platform, fans of excitement pay attention … Read more

What Is A Sewing Machine Belt?

Magicfour Sewing Machine Belt

Belts are used in a sewing machine to increase grip and reduce slipping in order to drive the machine smoothly. These sewing machine belts are primarily responsible for driving the needle on the fabric, thus, making them an extremely important part of a sewing machine. Keeping in mind all the several aspects … Read more

What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Sewing?

Sewing machine with some accessories

Good lighting not only helps you focus and stitch better but also saves you from health issues like headaches or even bad eyesight (eyes focus better and strain less in bright lighting). Of Course, you cannot always rely on natural light. With accessories like the sewing machine lamp, you will be able … Read more