Sewing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Sewing mistakes are more common when starting how to sew and embarking on a sewing journey. Most sewing mistakes happen along the journey of sewing, and these are things that you could fix most of the time. Learning how to fix them will take some trial and error and some research of … Read more

Sewing as a Type of Stress-Relief Therapy

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Many of us can feel overwhelmed by the constant pressures of the digital world. Endlessly scrolling through social media, responding to emails, and checking applications, can make it difficult to switch off. Multiple studies have found a strong link between heavy social media and an increased risk for stress, loneliness, anxiety, depression, … Read more

What are the Worst Injuries You Can Get from a Sewing Machine?


Sewing is the art of creating or making clothes and other things using a needle and a thread by a seamstress or a sewist, whose job involves sewing fabrics and clothing altogether. This involves needlework and stitching that puts cloth and materials together to produce anyone’s ideas into reality. This can be … Read more

What is Japanese Sewing?


The traditional Japanese sewing is called “Sashiko”, which means “little stabs.” This originated in Japan’s rural north and spread south along trade routes in the 17th century. Contrary to the country’s gorgeous silk fabrics, sashiko was considered as a “folk textile” because it was used by the peasant or lower classes of … Read more

Threading a Singer ProFinish Serger

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Before starting stitching, you first need to set up your sewing machine — winding the bobbin, threading, and more. It may appear challenging and intimidating on your first try. However, after multiple assignments, you will undoubtedly get the hang of it. Threading is one vital step before you start sewing with your … Read more

Sewing Machine Stitches Available and How to Use Them


It’s not odd to be drawn to a sewing machine with all the bells and whistles you can afford when shopping for one. The more complicated (or expensive) the sewing machine, the more stitch options it will have. Now that you have your stitches, it’s time to learn how to use them. … Read more

Can You Be Injured Using a Sewing Machine?

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Sewing can be a valuable and rewarding hobby, but it also comes with risks. Most people don’t consider sewing a dangerous household task, but it can be if you’re using a sewing machine.  They may not be the most dangerous machines you’ll ever encounter, but it doesn’t mean that you should go … Read more

Choosing a Commercial Embroider Machine

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Embroidery digitizing is a well-known art of embroidery on different fabrics with different stitches and threads using an embroidery machine. This type of art has given people a unique and elegant style, and they have been famous for several decades now. In fact, the commercial embroidery industry has been earning 47 billion dollars … Read more

Guide to Buying Your First Sewing Machine

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Exciting yet intimidating – these are the two words that may best describe your feeling when thinking about getting your own sewing machine for the first time. It seems simple at first, but it isn’t easy to get started when there are so many different brands, models, features, and price ranges out … Read more

The Best Sewing Machine for Making Curtains

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If there is one market need that is underserved and that a sewing machine can beautifully meet, it is the selection of curtains and window decorations. Window treatment styles may have evolved, but drapes and curtains remain popular. Rather than settling for store-bought models, why not make your own? All you need … Read more