Best Sewing Resources on the Web

Lots of information can be found online and it can also be a useful source when it comes to facts and lessons about sewing. There are many sewing blogs and websites which can provide inspiration and different techniques. However, looking for these kinds of resources can be daunting as well because the internet will provide you with too many sites making it difficult to know which ones can be trusted or which ones contain helpful information.

To help you find credible resources, we’ve gathered some of the best ones we found that may guide you.

Sewing Resources for Beginners

If you’re a beginner in sewing, you probably need some lessons and inspirations to be able to complete a sewing project. Try visiting these resources and you might find helpful information to start with your sewing.

How to Sew

This website contains easy to follow sewing tutorials. Each of their tutorial contains step-by-step instructions with helpful pictures. You can also view some of their sewing projects, as well as some tips on how to choose fabrics and their colors. It also provides free sewing patterns. This site will help you learn how to start and finish basic sewing projects.

Tilly and the Buttons

If you’re a beginner seamstress, you’ll find lots of valuable information in this site. It has tutorials on dressmaking as well as on sewing essentials. The dress designs provided here are easy to make which are suitable for beginners. There are also available printed patters here which you can purchase.

All Free Sewing

This site contains the basics about sewing as well as some tutorials. It also features sewing videos and different projects you can try to do. It also provides free sewing eBooks that might be helpful for you as well.

Sewing Resources for Fashionistas

If you want to start sewing to unleash your inner fashionista, here are some sewing resources which may guide you to achieve your goal.

Fashion Sewing with Angela Wolf

This site is owned by Angela Wolf who is a designer, a sewing expert, and an online instructor as well. Her website includes free video tutorials, sewing tips, and lots of articles on everything about sewing. So, if you’re into fashion sewing, might as well visit her site.

Colette Blog

This blog is filled with tutorials, inspirations, and creative sewing tips for fashionistas. It is divided into sections such as inspirations, tutorials, and the wardrobe architect which can teach you about the basics of fashion designing. This blog has a sister site called Colette Patterns, which sells fabulous sewing materials and patterns.

Sewing Resources for the Arts and Crafts Lovers

If you’re into creating home decorations, accessories such as hairbands and bags, or special handmade gifts, then you might want to check out these sewing resources.

The Sewing Directory

This site is an excellent resource for crafters. It features lots of free projects which you can try to do. It is also a great website for beginners. It discusses about different types of sewing like quilting, dressmaking, hand sewing, bag making, and even repairs and alterations.

Sew Mama Sew

This site is founded by Kristin Link where she offers sewing tutorials, sewing patterns, and sewing techniques for beginner and intermediate seamstress. Her tutorials include creating home decorations as well as accessories and handmade gifts.

Craft Gossip

This resource contains sewing patterns, techniques, articles, and blogs. It also features lots of sewing tutorials of different crafts like vinyl pouches, cushion slipcover, toys, quilts, pillows, and many others.

Sewing Resources for Kids

If you have kids who also have their hearts in sewing, here are some resources which might be useful for them.

Crazy Little Projects

This blog is filled with lots of ideas for kids. Each sewing project they provide can be a great bonding activity for you and your kids. Some of them are sewing stuffed dolls, school bags, and hooded towels.

Kids Sewing Projects

This site features free tutorials and easy lessons about sewing for kids. Their goal is to teach kids to sew through their easy projects and step by step guides. This site is not just for kids because adults can also get lots of information about sewing here as well.

These are just some of the best ones we’ve found online and it’s certain that there are still lots of sewing blogs available on the web. We hope this list will help you get the information you need to keep you motivated and discover more about the love you have for sewing.