The History of Nylon Thread

Bobbins of colorful nylon thread

Today we conveniently use high-quality toothbrushes, guitar strings, bankable racket strings, plush carpets, lifesaving surgical sutures, and hosiery. All of these essential items are made of nylon thread, which shook the textile industry more than 80 years ago. With the invention of material as synthetic and dependable as nylon, the Japanese silk … Read more

The History of Polyester Thread

bobbins of polyester thread

Every item that we use daily is composed of many different types of materials. From naturally existing metals and cotton to human-made alloys and fabrics, we use various kinds of materials without knowing their composition. Polyester is an example of human-made, synthetic materials that are used widely all over the world. From … Read more

The History of Cotton Thread

cotton thread inside the eye of a needle

A cotton thread, also known as a sewing thread, is a common item in every household. It is a versatile product that is not only used for household purposes but also serves for a number of wide-scale commercial uses. Ever wondered how it came into being? This thread is naturally obtained from … Read more

How to Choose Sewing Machine Threads

How to Choose Sewing Machine Threads

Unless someone’s an expert in this department, choosing a sewing machine thread is not exactly an easy thing to do. In fact, it can be a bit more complicated than just stepping inside the crafts store and picking any available threads. You want to make sure that the sewing thread you’ve bought … Read more